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In a world where fast fashion has often been synonymous with environmental concerns, my journey with Shein, one of the leading global online fashion retailers, has been nothing short of transformative. As a fashion designer who values sustainability and an eco-conscious lifestyle, my partnership with Shein since 2022 has been a remarkable experience that has challenged my initial reservations and ignited my passion for change.

Shein, for those who may not be familiar, is a dynamic and innovative fashion brand known for its trendy, affordable clothing and accessories. With a global presence and a mission to make fashion accessible to all, they've captured the hearts of millions of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. However, as the fast fashion industry faced growing scrutiny for its environmental impact, I, like many, had reservations about becoming a part of it.

My hesitations were rooted in a deep commitment to sustainable fashion practices and an unwavering belief in the importance of an eco-conscious lifestyle. I knew that joining Shein would require a delicate balance between my values and the fashion industry's demands for rapid production and consumption.

But here's the exciting part: Shein is evolving, and so am I. Together, we've embarked on a journey towards a more sustainable fashion industry on such large scale, and I couldn't be prouder to be a part of their first eco-conscious collection, called EvoluShein by Design Iniative. For the first time, Shein incorporates recycled fibers and viscose-safe textiles, and making strides toward a more eco-consious and responsible business model.

Join me as I'll be sharing below more insights into my 2023 EvoluShein Collection, shedding light on first EvoluShein by Design Iniative collection and the inspirations behind my designs. 

Three images of models wearing a yellow skirt, a blue dress and a red jacket with white dots.

What inspired you to be part of this first SHEIN X collection under the
evoluSHEIN by Design Initiative?

It’s so exciting!
I would describe myself as living a very eco-conscious lifestyle. For example, my family and I eat a plant-based diet. We use anything from vegan cosmetics, eco-friendly washing utensils, reusable bags, and bottles as much as possible throughout our day-to-day life. We bike, walk and use public transportation a lot. The list is endless but I believe that there is always room for progress and improvement.

In short, it simply means a lot to me to have a positive impact on the climate and to preserve this world in all its beauty for future generations. I believe that we can only archive this collectively.

That’s why I am so thrilled to work with Shein on its first eco-conscious collection to help limit the environmental footprint of their clothing and to take the company towards a more sustainable business model.

Three images of models wearing two blue dresses and one pair of purple pants.

What was the inspiration behind this SHEIN X collection? 

My collection is inspired by the wonderful moments and holidays of the winter season, including Christmas and New Years.

The ideas for the fabric patterns that I designed are very personal memories that a lot of people can relate to. For example, watching the first snowflakes, enjoying snowball fights and sitting in front of the fireplace afterwards, with a hot chocolate or a hot coffee sweetened with honey. My Grandpa always used to sweeten his coffee with honey in the fall and winter. As remembrance one of my skirts features a honey pattern with bees.

And we all have our happy memories connected with the season that mostly always include family or friends gatherings. So, some of the fabrics that I designed are more geometric and abstract, so you can portrait in it, whatever the season means to you.

The clothes are typical silhouettes for cooler days, comfortable sweaters, pants but also a skirt or festive long-sleeve dresses.

They are all playful and colorful designs that express the joy of the holidays but can really be worn at any time during the year which is another element of my eco-conscious approach.

A picture of five designers from the EvoluShein 2023 team standing next to each other and looking into the camera.

What has been your favorite part about the experience with Shein?

My favorite part of this experience was to work with new materials. I usually work a lot with organic cotton sateen and in this collection I had the chance to work with recycled polyester and forest safe viscose.

I also loved to meet and work with like-minded individuals who share my passion for eco-conscious fashion. We were six different designers that participated in this first EvoluShein collection and got the wonderful opportunity to meet each other in Los Angeles. That was exciting and rewarding at the same time.

Lastly, it elevated my career as well by giving me the opportunity to bring my designs to a broader audience to affordable prices but still with an eco-conscious approach.

Three images of models wearing two purple jackets and one pair of purple pants.

What is one thing you want your SHEINistas to know about you and your


One thing that I want everyone to know is that EvoluShein 2023 collection comes from my heart. It’s meant to leave you empowered and uplifted. It’s you, the person who wears it, who brings the garment and story behind it alive. And I am excited to see what you create with it! So, please share with all of us. Your joy wearing the garments will fuel this conversation and motivate me and everyone from Shein, I am sure, to continue to work on beautiful and more eco-friendly designs for the future.

Are you curious to see my current designs with Shein? Hop over to SheinX Anke Wonder now!

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