Birds Wonderland - Textile Design

"Fabric is my canvas." - Anke Wonder, Founder

Wouldn´t it be great to have your closet filled with garments that are eclectic and exquisite? With the uniquely designed Anke Wonder fabric you can feel beautiful  and empowered while helping the environment.

The process 

Because I couldn´t find sustainable fabrics with bold colors and vivid designs, I combined my passion for painting and fashion design to create my "Anke Wonder exclusive fabric designs".

For one painting, I started out with sketching birds in the Rainforest Exhibition of the Public Museum of Milwaukee. For my other two paintings, I was inspired on our honeymoon in Hawaii by all the amazing birds that I saw there. 

My sketches inspired the acrylic painting you see below. This is the foundation I used to create these patterns for the fabric.

My paintings are printed on 100% organic cotton in a digital printing process with water-based pigment inks and dyes in the USA. The pigment inks meet the Oeko-Tex 100 requirements, so they are free of restricted chemicals. Pigment printing also uses less water and energy than other printing processes. 

But why birds?

Birds are the only animal group that has feathers which makes them very unique. While other birds like penquins can´t fly but insects can, it makes you wonder what makes birds special if it´s not their ability to fly. Only birds are adorned by an amazing plumage.