Birds Wonderland

“Hidden Wonders from above - a paradise of Birds.”
The topic of my latest collection.

But why birds? I am inspired by the Rainforest Exhibition at the  Milwaukee Public Museum where they have several tropical birds on display. I quickly realized that birds are the only animal group that has feathers which makes them unique. While other birds like penguins can´t fly but insects can, it makes you wonder what makes birds special if it´s not their ability to fly. Only birds are adorned by a plumage and we identify them by that.

Male birds have eye-catching jewelry feathers which we often admire. During the mating season, the males often adorn themselves with even stronger contrasts. Besides that their variety of colors is incredibly inspiring, birds are simply beautiful creatures that we often associate with freedom.

Therefore I combined two different aspects to this collection. One part of the collection deals more with the colors and the idea how feathers are held together. I saw feathers analogous to stripes and this brought me to the “weaving structure” that I included in several outfits.


The other part of the collection deals directly with the birds appearance and therefore I printed my bird paintings on fabric. By wearing these fabrics, the birds become alive and give us the opportunity to dive into their fascinating world of colors. Click here to find out more about the printed fabric.