Meet Anke

Guten Tag und Willkommen!

 I am a German Fashion Designer and believe that the Fashion Industry today can do better regarding its social and environmental impact. In August 2018, love brought me from Germany to one of the most German cities in America: Milwaukee. Now I call Milwaukee my new home. 

I studied Fashion Design in Germany and graduated with honors in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts. I have participated in several Fashion Shows and I am proud of my first American participation at the MKE Fashion Week 2019.

During my studies, I realized that I was entering into probably the second highest polluting industry in the world, second only to oil as the fashion industry is often reffered to. At the same time I understood that Fashion is a very powerful and universal language because we all wear clothes. Therefore, my mission is to talk in a more intellectual way about Fashion and use my brand as a vehicle of education.

When I started to look at sustainable Fashion, I saw very quickly that there are not a lot of options for me because I love colors and patterns. In my wardrobe are very little basics and I love to mix and match anything with everything. 

Sustainable Fashion instead is mostly very neutral because of chemicals in the printing process and the belief of a minimalist wardrobe. Even though I also believe in a minimalist wardrobe, I believe it can be as colorful as we like to have it. Finally, I decided to use the most accessible sustainable fabrics for my collections that are GOTS certified. Here you learn more about my sustainable mission and the fabric I use.

Because I didn't like the fact that Fashion was run by trends and I wanted my collections to be a long term commitment, all garments are designed under an inspirational topic and story which you can read more about under Collections

Why is this important for me? I have always believed in the concept of Slow Fashion that focuses on quality rather than quantity. The collapse of the textile factory Rana Plaza in Bangladesh in 2013 created an international awareness that the production of fashion needs to be changed to be safe and environmentally conscious. But the Fashion chain is globally spread which makes it extremely complex and therefore it is difficult to create a 100% sustainable garment. It is a process and a lifestyle shift and I am passionate to be part of this change.

Every piece is Made to Order - no overstock is produced. Therefore each garment and accessory has a different shipping time which you can find on each product page. 
Please email me for custom designs or sizing at