Just because we are eco-conscious doesn´t mean that we can´t giftwrap our presents!

We all love that magic moment of the gift from our loved ones! It feels like gifts are more appreciated when they are wrapped and we take the time to open them.

But single-use wrapping paper harms our environment. Wrapping paper and shopping bags contribute nearly 4 million tons of paper waste in the US per year. However there are a lot of reasons why it is hard to recycle wrapping paper. Just think of all the non-paper and sticky materials we add like tape, ribbons, glitter, bows or other plastics in addition to problems regarding dyeing and lamination of the wrapping paper. 

Let´s avoid contributing to the wrapping paper waste in the holiday season and use an eco-friendly alternative. Pack your gift in a gift!

These Christmas bags are the perfect shopping bags all year long and they have a unique story behind them. When I was searching for exquisite and colorful fabrics that are sustainable, I didn´t find what I was looking for and saw the need to design my own fabrics. My fabrics are prints of my acrylic bird paintings. Because this fabric is made from my own paintings, you get a truly unique piece that isn´t available anywhere else.

My paintings are printed on 100% GOTs certified organic cotton in a digital printing process with water-based pigment inks and dyes. The pigment inks meet the Oeko-Tex 100 requirements, so they are free of restricted chemicals. Pigment printing also uses less water than other printing processes. The fabric is printed in the USA.  

And in the end, your choice to use a sustainable Christmas bag from Anke Wonder is like giving a present to the planet! 

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