Medium Anke Wonder sitting in a chair, smiling and looking at the camera.
Evidential Medium Anke Wonder

Herzlich Willkommen!

I'm Anke Wonder, an Evidential Medium with roots in Germany and a current home in the United States since 2018. My journey into mediumship has been guided by the teachings of renowned mentors, Michael Mayo and Christine Rogerson, who themselves were inspired by the teachings of mediums like Gordon Smith, James Van Praagh and Charlie Kelly.

From an early age, I discovered an innate connection to intuition and energy that flowed through me effortlessly. As a child, I had an ability to sense what felt right or wrong and to foresee certain events, although I couldn't always explain the source of this intuition. This remarkable gift, I later learned, was passed down through generations, a precious legacy from my grandmother and mother.

Throughout the years, many mediums I encountered remarked upon the healing energy I possessed. It took time for me to fully comprehend how this unique gift would fit into my life's purpose. Today, I understand that my role as an Evidential Medium is to bring healing to those burdened by grief, sadness, or trauma by bridging the gap between our physical and the spirit world. With the utmost love, support, and pure intentions, I strive to demonstrate that our loved ones never truly leave our side.

If you find yourself heartbroken due to the loss of a loved one or a cherished pet, please know that I empathize deeply with your pain based on my own experiences. Life has presented its challenges for me as well. At a young age, I experienced the sudden loss of my beloved great-grandma and my cherished guinea pig. Tragically, my father passed away when I was just 11 years old, and a year later, my rock, my Grandma, crossed over as well. Shortly after moving into a new home, my second guinea pig, who held a special place in my heart, was diagnosed with a tumor. I was just twelve, and it felt as if my world had crumbled.

However, the spirit world and our loved ones guided my mother and me towards books and mediums who introduced us to spiritual principles. Over the course of 15 years, we sought guidance from various mediums around the world, receiving profound healing and support that kept us moving forward. Despite understanding my own intuitive abilities, I pursued a path in fashion design, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Germany and launching my sustainable fashion brand, where I still find incredible joy in adding color and positivity to the world through my designs.

Yet, the spirit world had other plans for me. It guided me back into a classroom, this time with the spiritual teacher medium Michael Mayo. Over the past few years, my mentors have honed my skills and boosted my confidence, ultimately encouraging me to step into the public and offer my abilities to those in need of healing. This is the true purpose of my Evidential Mediumship work.

While the spirit world may provide guidance and direction for your life, my primary goal in readings is to provide tangible evidence that your loved ones continue to exist beyond the physical realm. They have never truly left your side and are here to offer the same unwavering love and support as always, albeit without any limitations of the human form.

Thank you for considering me as a bridge between your world and the world of spirits. It is an honor to serve you on your journey toward healing and understanding.


Signiature Anke Wonder