• Website banner showing an in-house designed fabric with many colors as well as butterflies and ladybugs. On the banner it says: 'We design our own fabrics.'

Ankes Wonderland

The owner Anke Wonder sits on a sofa, wearing one of her own designed dresses, called the Japanese Princess Dress..
Anke Wonders eco-friendly gift wrapping option is made out of fabric and can be reused. This photo is showing the gift wrapping option with red bow.

Gift Wrapping

Get a miniature version of your outfit!

Miniature clothes for Barbie and Ken dolls.
Anke Wonder Press. Anke Wonder as seen in Vogue, FDL Reporter, textile network, Good Folk Interview and Inspire Magazine.

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Now is the time to decide how you want your future to look like. Now is the time to start a more conscious and healthy life in harmony with nature, to embrace who you are as a person and to love the possibilities that your life has to offer you. You are what you wear and you will become what you feed your mind. That's what I am here for.

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