'Milwaukee Tonight' Show with Cassandra McShepard

2023 the wonderful Cassandra McShepard interviewed Anke Wonder about her fashion and art in her studio. Anke was featured in Milwaukee’s show ‘Milwaukee Tonight’ on TV channel tmj4 that showcases hidden gems in Milwaukee.

Designer Anke Wonder and Journalist Cassandra McShepard posing in front of camera.

Real Kingsman Videopodcast

During this 1h videopodcast Anke Wonder and Marcel Koenigsman talked about the immigration process to the United States and how Anke started her own sustainable fashionlabel.   

Good Folk Interview

Kate from Stellen Uk Jewellier, interviewed Anke Wonder as part of the Good Folks Interview.

Sustainable Fashion Designer Anke Wonder Portrait

Inspire Magazine UK

The Inspire Magazine UK is an online magazine by Leila Hobart, featuring positive, inspiring and uplifting stories written by contributors who focus on different industries and topics. Read Anke Wonder's article: "What you should look for when shopping sustainable fashion and can sustainable fashion solve the textile waste problem?". 

Inspire Magazine Article about Sustainable Fashion by Anke Wonder

FDL Reporter.

FDL Reporter, the local Fond du Lac (Wisconsin) newspaper featured Anke Wonder’s Hawaiian Mural Painting. The article "Bright colors lift spirits" is online only accessible for subscribers of the newspaper.

Fdl Reporter Newspaper Article

Pfister Hotel Gallery Night

Anke Wonder showcased her fashion and artworks during the 4th Gallery Night at the prestigious Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee because she was chosen as of the six finalists for the Artist-in-Residence Program.

British Vogue 

Anke Wonder's garments were featured in the British Vogue Magazine in the issues June 2020, July 2020, and August 2020 as part of the Designer Profile page. 'I feel honored that British Vogue Magazine reached out to me for this opportunity.'
”The Designer Profile page is our print opportunity and is designed with the intention of showcasing a range of hand-selected upcoming designers to provide Vogue’s 1 million readers with exclusive inspiration.” - Vogue

 Vogue Magazine with overlapping screenshots of articles. 

Milwaukee Fashion Week

Anke Wonder's first participation in an American fashion show was at the Milwaukee fashion show in 2019, showing her collection 'Birds Wonderland'. 


TextileNetwork is an international premium magazine for the textile chain. Anke Wonder’s article deals with the integration of sustainability and technology in textile and fashion trends and current innovations. It shows that sustainability and technology can go hand in hand to create an innovative, eco-friendly future for fashion and textiles by taking advantage of digital progress. 

Read the articles on the Textile Network Website in English and German.