British Vogue

Anke Wonder is featured in the British Vogue Magazine in the issues June 2020, July 2020, and August 2020 on the Designer Profile page. I am thrilled and feel very honored that British Vogue Magazine reached out to me for this opportunity! First, it felt like a dream that the Vogue, the world's leading premium lifestyle and fashion magazine, contacted me. When I was a young girl, dreaming of becoming an influencing fashion designer with a voice to change the world, I collected from each country that I visited a Vogue magazine: in France, England, and Italy, even though I didn't speak the Italian language. Having the opportunity to be featured in the print edition of the British Vogue and digitally as well, gives my work and passion to help a new level of appreciation. ”The Designer Profile page is our print opportunity and is designed with the intention of showcasing a range of hand-selected upcoming designers to provide Vogue’s 1 million readers with exclusive inspiration.” - Vogue

PRINT Issue June 2020

The June issue of British Vogue went on sale officially today, Thursday 7th May 2020. This issue, Dame Judi Dench makes history as the oldest person to ever star on the cover of Vogue, at 85 years old. You probably recognize Judi Dench right away from the James Bond Movies.


Vogue Fashion Retail: June 2020

PRINT Issue July 2020

The July issue of British Vogue went on sale officially today, Friday 5th of June 2020. This issue, British Vogue wanted to pay tribute to 'The New Frontline' and present 3 unique covers of British female key workers: Narguis Horsford, TFL Train Driver; Rachel Millar, Midwife; and Anisa Omar, Supermarket Assistant. 


Vogue Fashion Retail: July 2020



PRINT Issue August 2020

The August issue of British Vogue went on sale officially today, Friday the 3rd of August 2020. For the covers of the August 2020 issue, British Vogue chose the landscape painting 'Wheat field near Fridaythorpe' by David Hockney which reflects nature and captures Hockney´s idea of “Reset”. In the Editor's letter of #britishvogue, Edward Enninful reflects on the theme of reset in today's society: 'As the world rushes to find its feet again, we all need to be more mindful of the toll our previous pace of living took on nature'


Vogue Fashion Retail: August 2020

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In 2018, I wrote an article for the magazine TextileNetwork which is an international premium magazine for the textile chain. My article deals with the integration of sustainability and technology in textile and fashion trends and current innovations. It shows that sustainability and technology can go hand in hand to create an innovative, eco-friendly future for fashion and textiles by taking advantage of the digital progress. 

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