Pfister Hotel Gallery Night 2020

Being chosen as one of the six finalists for the Artist-in-Residence Program, I showcased my latest fashion and artworks at the 4th Gallery Night at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, on  the 17th of January. 

"What is the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee?"
The Pfister Hotel is an iconic landmark in Milwaukee. It opened in 1893 by Charles Pfister. It was his father, Guido Pfister, who had the idea for designing a "Palace for the people". Until today, the Pfister is carrying the charm and hospitality of the Victorian time. The Pfister Hotel is today also home of the largest Victorian art collection next to it´s beautifully restored interior.   

During the Gallery Night I showcased my Birds Wonderland Collection as well my artwork made out of Push-Pins and styrofoam from packaging materials. Part of my collection was also my Bottle-Cap Art, made from Bottle Caps found in Wisconsin to raise the awarness for disposable items found in the Ocean.