What is Evidential Mediumship?

Evidential Mediumship: Bridging the Gap Between Worlds

Welcome to my page on Evidential Mediumship, where I explore the profound connection between the living and the spirit world. Evidential Mediumship goes beyond a belief; it offers concrete proof of the existence of a life after life, providing healing to those seeking to connect with their loved ones who have passed on.

Beyond Belief: Knowing Through Mediumship

Evidential Mediumship is a practice through which so-called mediums bring forth compelling evidence that provides undeniable confirmation that our loved ones continue to exist in another form after death. This evidence can be the person's character traits, hobbies, profession, shared memories, passing conditions and more. It means that you, the client, will be able to validate the information given from the medium about your loved one.

Spirits Seeking Connection

It is important to know that spirits are eager to communicate with us. They maintain a deep and unbroken connection with us through the powerful bond of love. Whether we are aware of it or not, our loved ones in spirit are ever-present, watching over us and want to reach out.

Tuning In to a Different Frequency

As a medium, my role is to open my awareness to the spirit world, much like tuning in to a different radio channel. Just as radio waves of different frequencies are all around us, imagine that spirits are right here with us but on another frequency. By attuning myself to their frequency, I become a vessel through which they can communicate with their loved ones still on earth.

The Claires: Unlocking the Senses

In the practice of Evidential Mediumship, I utilize a range of psychic faculties known as the "claires" to facilitate communication with spirits. These claire include for example:

Clairvoyance: The ability to see images, symbols, or scenes from the spirit world in front of my third eye.
Clairaudience: The capacity to hear messages or sounds from the spirit world internally.
Clairsentience: Sensing the emotions, feelings, or physical sensations of spirits.
Claircognizance: A clear knowledge and sudden understanding comparable to intuitions.

By using these abilities, I can receive and interpret messages from the spirit world, providing a deep sense of connection and healing for those seeking to reconnect with their loved ones.

The Communication Triangle

Triangle of mediumship graphics

Imagine the process of communication with the spirit world as a triangle, with three integral components:

The Client: You, the seeker, play a crucial role in this triangle as you are seeking connection with your loved one in spirit. Your presence and intent are essential.

The Loved One in Spirit: Your departed loved one is an integral part of this triangle. They are eager to convey their love, messages, and guidance through me as the medium.

The Communicator: As the medium, I serve as the bridge between you and your loved one in spirit. I open myself to the spirit world, using the claires to interpret and convey their messages accurately and authentically.