A garment that you really love

Especially in regards to Fast Fashion, garments lose their power to tell a story and become a simple balance of trend prediction and price calculation. Instead, I want to involve you in the greater story behind your garment and the design process.

Let's look behind the scenes of your clothes …
… every Anke Wonder garment is designed, pattern cut and sewed from me, Anke


1. Every collection starts with an idea.
Sometimes it's a topic I am fascinated by, a drawing that I saw or a conversation that I picked up. Under the main menu "Collections" you can learn more about the collection ideas. 

I collect these ideas in moodboards which are a series of pictures that reflect the all in all atmosphere and determine the main colors for the outfits.

Then I start sketching abstract silhouettes which become with time a "wearable garment". 

2. This is followed by finding the best fitting designs.
I always start with making paper patterns. In order to create the best cut possible, I create first prototypes and make adjustments.

At the same time, I choose the fabrics and get all the necessary accessories (zippers, buttons …). 


3. The last step is to realize the outfit, to try it on and feel amazing in it.   
Finally comes the exciting moment of cutting the pattern out of the fabric (which can takes hours sometimes) and then I start sewing. This can take sometimes up to a week for one garment depending on details.