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Sustainable Designer Anke Wonder

Guten Tag und Willkommen!

I am a German Fashion Designer and believe that the Fashion Industry today can do better regarding its social and environmental impact. In August 2018, love brought me from Germany to one of the most German cities in America: Milwaukee. Now I call Milwaukee my new home.

I studied Fashion Design in Germany and graduated with honors in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts. I have participated in several Fashion Shows and I am proud of my first American participation at the MKE Fashion Week 2019.

I founded Anke Wonder because I saw the need to bring sustainable fashion in bold colors and lively patterns to women with unique styles. Even though I believe in a minimalist wardrobe, I also believe that it can be as colorful and fun as we like it to be.

With that vision in mind, I personally created fabric patterns which are prints of original acrylic paintings, making Anke Wonder garments a piece of wearable art. Each collection focuses on timeless and storytelling designs to bring you clothing that you can’t wait to wear.

I want you to shop at Anke Wonder knowing that we will always continue taking further steps to create healthier and eco-friendlier clothes that align with the brand's sustainable mission and that you can trust.

The Brand Anke Wonder focuses not only on sustainable but also vegan garments because I believe that animals don’t belong in our clothes. Livestock farming is a cruel and inhumane industry while harming our health and our environment as many of my journal articles explain. Therefore, my mission is to talk in a more intellectual way about Fashion and to use my brand as a vehicle of education to create a better future for the planet.


Signiature Anke Wonder