Ankes Miniature Wonderland

Life is about the little things. 
Zero Waste Fashion means that the waste of fabric during the production is little
or non-existent. Any left-over fabric from the cutting process are used by Anke Wonder to create beautiful and forever-lasting miniature collections in the size for Barbie and Ken dolls.
Watch a video on how your garment is made.

This adorable and shiny dress is a replica of the women's outfit Lumière.  

These "Fishermen" outfit are miniature versions of the collection Surf, which is inspired by a painting of the romantic landscape artist Carl Gustav Carus.  

This experimental outfit is from the art collection The fall of Icarus, dealing with the legend of Icarus. 

These outfits are replica of the amazing collection Cielwhich is inspired by the stunning sport, called Wingwalking.

These biker shirts have been designed by Anke Wonder for the German Company Biehler Sportswear during an internship. Because the real size outfits are designed with active lights to improve the safety of bikers, this collection is called Luminous.

These five multi-color outfits are from an collection, called Modition and Tradern.  

These outfits in bold happy colors are miniature versions of the collection Thanks Friday vs. Black Givingwhich deals with the two two successive holidays in America.