The Albertinum is a fascinating museum in the beautiful city of Dresden, Germany where I lived for nearly four years.

The painting "Surf at Rügen" of the romantic landscape artist Carl Gustav Carus caught my eye and became the central idea for these mens outfits. 

Rügen is a German Island on the Baltic Sea, well known because of its chalk cliffs. While I collected my first ideas, I asked myself who could be the observer of this natural phenomenon? What would we see, hear or feel if this painting became alive? The rough water, rocks, foam, coldness, blowing wind, etc...The main subject became the collision of water and the combination of water, rock and foam. 

The coat became it´s form by imagining how the water embraces a rock. The main colors for the outfits were picked by the natrual colors of the water, foam and rocks. I knitted the "belt" that you see in the picture below. 

The linen shirt is made out of several different wide stripes that symbolize how a wave builds up on it´s way to the shore. The cuff and collar have white linen in the inside as an analogy of the foam.  

The exaggerated pair of fishing pants complete this by natural pheneomena inspired collection.

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