Birds Wonderland

“Hidden Wonders from above - a paradise of Birds.”

Womens outfits with bird patterns made by Anke Wonder.
But why birds? Birds are the only animal group that has feathers.

While other birds like penguins can't fly but insects can, it makes you wonder what makes birds special if it's not their ability to fly. Only birds are adorned by an impressive plumage.

Women outfits of Anke Wonders Birds Wonderland Collection.

This collection deals with the variety of colors of tropical birds.
Male birds have eye-catching jewelry feathers. During the mating season, the males often adorn themselves with even stronger contrasts.

Birds Wonderland Collection by Anke Wonder.

Ever wondered what it is to be a bird?
While we can't exactly give you this feeling, we can at least give you a part of that experience with these fun and elegant organic cotton designs that feature several of the most beautiful and exotic birds. 

The in-house-designed bird patterns are prints of Anke Wonders original acrylic paintings, making them a piece of wearable art. By wearing these garments, the birds become alive and give us the opportunity to dive deeper into their fascinating world of colors.

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