Modition and Tradern

Modern Age versus Traditions. Sometimes one can´t be without the other.
Modern +
Tradition = Modition and Tradern

Fashion is known as the mirror of time and its political, social and environmental circumstances which is the topic of this 2016 collection.

In a world of constant changes, dynamics, and complexity, we are asking for values that represent continuity. One way to do this is by taking "ancient" pieces and give them a new appearance or function.

Therefore I combined different pieces of clothes like the rain cape and the suit and created a completely new look. That´s why each clothing is the combination of at least two other garments.


This classical suit and rain poncho are merged into a new garment that still contains both characteristics.

When one piece is merged into another, then a coat and a dress become a symbiosis of both. A pinafore dress and a polo shirt seem to assemble naturally and also combine classic with modern.

The hat made out of a lampshade is symbolic for the fond memories that we keep throughout our lifes. 

The interplay of a college jacket and Grandpas old cardigan signify trust and safety. The transparent back alludes to the search for transparent values. 


This piece is an integration of a poncho and white smocking jacket. The suspenders are sewn into the t-shirt. 

Please contact me at if you are interested in any of those outfits.