Black Giving vs. Thanks Friday

The central topic of my B.A collection is the research about two successive holidays in America: Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Every year on the fourth Thursday of November people are thankful for everything they have and partake in a feast of turkey and other traditional foods. But already the next day they fill the stores early in the morning for the best deals. Nowadays Black Friday already starts on Thanksgiving Day.
Isn´t it absurd that these two holidays, which couldn´t be more opposite, are next to each other? 

Therefore this collection deals with consuming because it is one of the most significant characteristics of the 21st century.

Especially on Black Friday, people grab, hold, pile up, and stack things on more things until they can just barely hold their "tower" of goods. But unfortunately this results in many unused products afterward, especially regarding Fast Fashion.

The phenomenon of FAST FASHION means the rapid consumption of clothing and can be defined as "mass production with standardized sizes and fixed prices".

Greenpeace found in a survey from 2015 that people in Germany don´t wear 40% of their clothes. Our consumer society is also a disposable society which shows us the need for sustainable and unique clothing.

These outfits are an exaggeration of mass consumption. They follow the idea of grabbing, holding, and carrying products.


The two "SALE" pullovers were knitted on a knitting machine which I configured to knit the word "sale" across both pullovers. The pullovers with the writing "SALE" are overlayed with holes in the knitting pattern as a metaphor of the deceptive appearance that overlays the entire Black Friday Holiday.


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