Anke Wonder Art Gallery

Hand embroidered Paintings
Milwaukee Skyline | 2023
Hand embroidered acrylic painting
Fireworks over Chicago | 2022
Hand embroidered acrylic painting
The Bridge of Love | 2022
Hand embroidered acrylic painting
Hand-embroidered acrylic painting showing Milwaukee’s skyline and sailing boats on Lake Michigan in the summer. Acylic Painting showcasing the Chicago skyline and fireworks by Anke Wonder.  Acrylic Painting of a bridge with colorful roses in the background and a hand-embroidered quote by Rumi.
Souls | 2021 -2022
Hand embroidered acrylic painting
Sunflower Fields | 2021
Hand embroidered acrylic painting
Lake Michigan | 2021
Hand embroidered acrylic painting
Acrylic Art Painting of two colorful cows on grass. Acrylic Painting of a sunflower field with mountains and a sunset in the background. Acrylic Painting showing a sunrise and two paper boats with hand embroidered waves.
Rainbow Summer Mural | 2021
Mural for the MPAC 
Hawaiian Mural | 2020-2022
Private Deck Mural 
Rainbow Summer Mural Design by Anke Wonder. Artist Anke Wonder paints an Hawaiian Art Mural.
Mixed Media Art
We matter | 2020
Mixed Media Button Art
First Impressions | 2020
Mixed Media Push-Pin Art
Bottle Cap Wisconsin | 2019
Mixed Media Bottle Cap Art
Button Artwork that shows the head of a black woman, completely made out of buttons by designer Anke Wonder. Push Pin Artwork Toucan by Anke Wonder. Toucan is made out of push pins on purple fabric. Wisconsin Bottle Cap Artwork made out of Bottle Caps with Lake Michigan in the background. The designer Anke Wonder holds the Bottle Cap Artwork.
Art Installations
Loss of function | 2014 Rooms and between rooms | 2014 Sketches and Paintings 
Carrot Sofa of the project 'Loss of function' by Anke Wonder. Blue object of the project "Rooms and between rooms" by Anke Wonder. Fashion Skecth by Anke Wonder