Acrylic Paintings 'Souls'

Colorful Acrylic Paintings of Cows on grass.

Souls - I am Cow| 2021 - 2022
Acrylic painting with hand embroidery

This collection of artworks explores the colorful souls of those animals that we consider farm animals. Did you ever wonder why a cow gives milk? Well, for the same reasons that humans do, in order to nourish their young. But so that we humans can drink milk, calves are taken from their mothers on the first day of birth. Furthermore, science suggests that cows are quite smart. They love, feel, cry and develop friendships over time. This art collection ‘Souls’ represents the emotional energy of farm animals and encourages us to look behind the facade of what we know about them.

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Hand Embroidered Colorful Acrylic Paintings of Cows on grass.

Close-up photo of embroidery stitches on a colorful acrylic painting, featuring cows.